Ethical Investing – not all products are the same.

  Did you know that the concept of “Ethical” investing isn’t new? Probably one of the earliest recorded instances was the Quakers in the eighteenth century, restricting members from investing time or money in the slave trade. Similarly, around that time, in his speech “The Use of Money” the founder of Methodism, John Wesley, preached […]

Income investing and the bank issued ‘Hybrid”

  Income investing remains one of the primary investment goals for a lot of investors, particularly retiree’s.  So not surprisingly, the boom in listed bank issued ‘hybrids’ continues unabated, with new issues popping up at regular intervals. The investments are particularly attractive to SMSF trustees and retiree’s portfolio’s alike. Paying a regular income stream with […]

Here’s 8 reasons to visit a financial adviser for financial advice

  Over the past 15 years, it would be fair to say that the quality of financial advice has been somewhat wanting. The big banks have certainly gone out of their way to ‘dumb’ it down. As most often, the profession was used by them to just channel money into their fund’s management divisions Their […]

Bank scandals? What scandals.

    Strangely, this year had been quite slow for any corporate scandal watchers out there. Yes, I know, Fuji Xerox Australia’s recent inappropriate accounting practices did result in a few senior executive and board resignations. But really, overstating photo copy leases to improve revenue figures, surely they can do better than that. Things did […]