Share market crashes – Are they predictable?

        A strange thing happened in the financial world last year. An event so unusual, that I can’t ever recall seeing similar in my 25 years in the advice industry.  And what was this mysterious event?   Well, a fund manager actually closed down a fund and returned all money’s to the investors. […]

Financial advice – or is it?

    Who hasn’t been shocked at what is currently being revealed through the current Banking Royal Commission? It certainly leaves a big question mark over the validity of the advice proffered by our big financial institutions. And it would appear the cosseted environment, fostered by the banks for their advice arms, has conveniently kept […]

Share markets – if they go down, what are you supposed to do?

        A share market is a unique place. It can be rather joyous when the shares you’ve just bought start skyrocketing. But sadly, when the same shares suddenly drop out of ‘sight’, it can cause some rather severe grief as well!  Here are some thoughts to keep in mind when the latter […]

Index investing does have a down side !

        Index investing or passive investment has grown incredibly over the last 10 years. But is it really so great during prolonged market falls? Markets do go down, and usually, have prolonged periods of sideways movement. Do you really have the patience?  Index investing For the inexperienced investor, selecting a long-term investment […]

Past performance figures – how the funds management industry pulls the wool over your eyes!

        Anytime I look at the average investment returns quoted for a managed investment, I am always reminded of the old joke about a doctor, a dentist and a statistician on a hunting trip. After spotting a large deer in the distance, the doctor takes aim, fires but misses. His shot was […]

Investment risk – Oh, how I hate you!

      Investment risk and investment risk management are critical factors for any long-term investor success. Every investor needs to be comfortable with the concept of risk as unfortunately, investing and risk, go hand in hand. Your investment portfolio is continually subjected to the whims of prevailing market sentiment. All those “known known’s’, known […]

Dividends – an investors best friend

      I was recently listening to a podcast with singer/songwriter Carol Bayer-Sager whose songwriting output I was to discover, rivaled even Paul McCartney’s prodigious output.    Now during this interview, she happened to recall the moment of realization that resulted in her turning her back on the safety of the teaching profession and […]

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