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Investor Tuition is dedicated to the creation and sharing of knowledge, information, and opinion about investment, and the investment process, for the purpose of assisting long-term investors with their pursuit of investing success.

Successful investing doesn’t have to be complex, nor very difficult, and I guarantee that it can be mastered by anyone willing to take the time to learn.

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Adrian fro Investor Tuition


Hi, my name is Adrian and if someone had said to me 5 years ago that I would be involved in the blogging world I would have laughed. Having spent my working life in the financial advice industry, the thought of committing to a regular regime of writing about the subject was the last thing on my mind.  But here I am and loving every minute of it!

For most of my working life, I could probably split my occupations between either being a Financial Planner or Teacher. And for a lot of the time, I actually did both together. Financial Planning was my day job and Teaching was my side hustle at night.

But what started as an extra income stream, actually turned into one of my life’s passions! (along with guitar playing) And on reflection, I’ve been involved in both professions for similar amounts of time, more than 30 years. 

I have just spent the last 8 years as a contracted academic to a university in Sydney, where I lectured and tutored students in all things financial planning. But, a brand new edition to the family tree, my first grandchild, has made me want to be a “stay at home granddad”. Which I’m doing particularly well at even if I say so myself.

My initial motivation for starting this blog was actually as a by-product of an offer I received.  I was asked to write a weekly finance column for a newspaper here in Sydney and so I thought ‘why not expand on these and publish them in a blog”.  A blog to give self-directed investors, access to ideas and concepts that are usually the exclusive terrain of licensed investment professionals.   

By the way, I certainly don’t want to deter anyone from consulting with a professional adviser. In fact, I am of the opinion that what you may learn here, will help you build a productive two-way relationship. 

There sure is plenty on the ‘drawing board’ so stay tuned. In fact, why not add your email to the subscription list, and avoid missing any new posts.  

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoy your visit. I will certainly be looking forward to seeing you again.

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