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Investor Tuition is a blog dedicated to the creation and sharing of knowledge, information and opinion regarding investing and the investment process. It is written for the purpose of assisting long-term investors, both new and experienced, with their pursuit of investing success.

About the author

Adrian fro Investor Tuition

Hi, my name is Adrian and if someone had said to me 5 years ago that I would be blogging I would have laughed. Having spent my working life in the financial advice industry, the thought of committing to a regular regime of writing about the subject was the last thing on my mind.  But here I am and loving every minute of it!

In fact for most of my working life, I could probably split my occupations between either being a Financial Planner or a Teacher. And for a lot of the time, I actually did both together. Financial Planning was my day job and Teaching was my side hustle at night.

So what started as an extra income stream, actually turned into one of my life’s passions! (along with guitar playing) And on reflection, I’ve been involved in both professions for similar amounts of time, more than 30 years. 

My Investment Philosophy

Having been involved in the advice industry for so long I have learnt a particularly important lesson;

   “people hate losing money far more than they like making money” 

I had first heard this saying some 40 years ago. A quote, by an infamous (around this part of the world anyway) stockbroker by the name of Rene Rivkin. But it wasn’t until I began advising clients that it suddenly become incredibly relevant.

And never has a truer word been spoken! I can assure you that the loss of money, particularly investment money, is probably one the most painful of lifes experiences.

So, as a result, I endevour to provide investment information aimed at increasing the probabilities of success and highlighting some of the more obvious traps as I see them.  There is no, and will never be, any ‘get rich quick schemes’ within this blog. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Investor Tuition is dedicted to the pursuit of actually getting rich slowly thus making it eminently suitable for long term investors.

You might also like to check out some of the investor/authors who’ve helped shape my thinking so take some time and look at the recommended reading page. Oh, you also might like to take a look at the resources page as well. These are some of the sites I regularly visit to keep me updated.

Why a blog?

My initial motivation for starting this blog was actually as a by-product of an offer I received.  I was asked to write a weekly finance column for a newspaper, here in Sydney, and so I thought “why not expand on the column and publish a blog”. 

A blog with the purpose of giving self-directed investors, access to ideas, concepts, information and knowledge which is relevent to the investment process.

I also tweet interesting articles that I come across that I feel will add some value, so check out my twitter feed investortuition

By the way, I certainly don’t want to deter anyone from consulting with a professional adviser. In fact, I am of the opinion that what you may learn here, will only help you to build a productive two-way relationship. 

So it’s great that you dropped by and I hope you find the information here helpful. I look forward to seeing you again.

If you have any questions or requests please send them through.


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