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Financial advice – or is it?

    Who hasn’t been shocked at what is currently being revealed through the current Banking Royal Commission? It certainly leaves a big question mark over the validity of the advice proffered by our big financial institutions. And it would appear the cosseted environment, fostered by the banks for their advice arms, has conveniently kept […]

Bear Market – careful what you wish for!

        Bear market – no thanks With share markets across the globe currently breaking records, it doesn’t surprise me that some investors are starting to yearn for a good old ‘correction’, so they can enter the market. Pullbacks, retracements or corrections, whichever you like to call them, a “good old fall” is a […]

Interest rate rise and your investment strategy

        Interest rate rise – it had to happen Well, well, well, it seems the ‘low-interest rate party’ we’ve been enjoying for the past 10 years is now calling for ‘last drinks’ A recent Bank of England interest rate rise, their first in a decade, probably heralds the beginning of the end, […]

7 Simple (But Important) Things For Protecting Your Personal Information

    These days’ financial scams have become commonplace. Our online lifestyles have given determined criminals access to just about all of our information. And as much as we are promised watertight digital security from service providers, there seems to be a continuous stream of news stories detailing stolen personal information. In fact just last […]

Ethical Investing – not all products are the same.

        Did you know that the concept of “Ethical” investing isn’t new? Probably one of the earliest recorded instances was the Quakers in the eighteenth century, restricting members from investing time or money in the slave trade. Similarly, around that time, in his speech “The Use of Money” the founder of Methodism, […]

Income investors – A warning about bank issued Hybrid’s

        Income investing remains one of the primary investment goals for a lot of investors, particularly retiree’s.  So not surprisingly, the boom in listed bank issued ‘hybrids’ continues unabated, with new issues popping up at regular intervals. These investments are particularly attractive to SMSF trustees and retiree’s portfolio’s alike. As an investment […]