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There is little interest in annuities at the moment.

I was scanning the financial news the other day and noticed that one of Australia’s biggest annuity providores had reported a record profit for the 2015/16 financial year. Their sales of annuities had increased by a whopping 22% on the previous year; certainly no easy feat with interest rates continuing to head south. It certainly […]

Not every investment is as safe as a house – particularly an investment in a house!

There is a very old and worn out chestnut of a saying, a staple of investment spruikers and a notion that is deeply embedded into the psyche of the Australian investor – ‘you can’t lose money investing in property’ This concept seems so ingrained and sacrosanct that I am surprised, Watson and Crick didn’t include […]

Retirement calculators, do they actually work?

I do not like retirement calculators. After many years in the financial advice industry, I see them as misleading and certainly not a tool to base long-term plans around.  And yet, the most commonly asked question in financial planning is “how much will I have to retire on?”  Attempting to accurately answer this is the […]

Past returns are no indication of Future Performance – so there!

  I love cappuccino, and start each workday morning with one. Frequenting different establishments, I have noticed the misuse of the ‘gloved hand’. You may have seen a coffee shop attendant or sandwich maker who has one hand enclosed in a surgical glove. A good sign, suggesting the establishment takes cleanliness seriously. However, for some […]

When shopping for your home loan, learn what the comparison rate tells you – you will save money if you do!

          I recently received a phone call from my bank. The usual thing, how was I going with my banking, am I happy with the service, and could they help me with anything else.” “Actually, there was something you could help me with”, I said. “Could you give me the current […]