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Share market crashes – Are they predictable?

A strange thing happened in the financial world last year. An event so unusual, that I can’t ever recall seeing similar in my 25 years in the advice industry.  And what was this mysterious event?   Well, a fund manager actually closed down a fund and returned all money’s to the investors. Now I have certainly […]

Index investing does have a down side !

Remember Me By Emilie de Ravin, Pierce… $2.99   Remember Me?: Loving and Caring for a Dog with Canine… By Eileen Anderson (Paperback -… $14.75$15.99   Ads by Amazon   Index investing or passive investment has grown incredibly over the last 10 years. But is it really so great during prolonged market falls? Markets do […]

Seasons greetings – with a few financial predictions for the New Year.

      The Christmas period is now upon us and no doubt any thoughts about the world of investing will be put aside. This is a time for families and friends, holiday pursuits and indulgence. So here are some final thoughts before everyone switches off. Firstly. the great Australian property boom of the last […]

What! Bitcoin is just like an Ostrich?

Investing in Cryptocurrency? During my time as an adviser, I must have seen just about every ‘investment fad’ known to mankind. There were Jojoba beans, Aloe Vera plantations, acres and acres of sustainable forestry schemes, and of course, a plethora of property spruikers, to name just a few.  A particular favorite of mine was ‘The […]

Acorns now Raiz – Is it really worth using?

This post was written prior to Acorns changing its name to Raiz. Nothing else has changed, just the name. I have replaced Raiz for Acorns within the post but if I missed a few, my apologies. Although I have long been an advocate of “old school” investment methods I certainly don’t shun technological advancements. For […]

6 tips to prevent identity theft and improve your information security

        Identity theft These days’ identity theft and financial scams seem to have become commonplace. Our online lifestyles have given determined criminals access to just about all of our information. And as much as we are promised watertight information security from service providers, there seems to be a continuous stream of news […]