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How Learning these 5 Personal Finance Tips Could Save Your Money And Time.

Here’s some valuable personal finance tips I’ve gathered over the last 25 years of being an adviser. My purpose in sharing these 5 tips is to allow you to be able to shape your thinking, off the back of my experience. Experience is an extremely good teacher but sometimes, you just haven’t been in the game long enough to acquire a lot of i

Sequencing Risk – The investment risk you get just when you didn’t want it!

There is one, immutable ‘law’ of investing which states – in order to achieve greater returns you have to expose your funds to the risk of loss. Consequently, it is the management of this risk/return ratio that becomes the hallmark of a successful investment. Unfortunately, the world not being as perfect as we would like […]

Past performance figures – how the funds management industry pulls the wool over your eyes!

    Anytime I look at the average investment returns quoted for a managed investment, I am always reminded of the old joke about a doctor, a dentist and a statistician on a hunting trip. After spotting a large deer in the distance, the doctor takes aim, fires but misses. His shot was 5 meters […]

Investment risk – Oh, how I hate you!

      Investment risk and investment risk management are critical factors for any long-term investor success. Every investor needs to be comfortable with the concept of risk as unfortunately, investing and risk, go hand in hand. Your investment portfolio is continually subjected to the whims of prevailing market sentiment. All those “known known’s’, known […]

Here’s 8 reasons to visit a financial adviser for financial advice

      Over the past 15 years, it would be fair to say that the quality of financial advice has been somewhat wanting. The big banks have certainly gone out of their way to ‘dumb’ it down. As most often, the profession was used by them to just channel money into their fund’s management […]