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A guide to Personal Insurance – how you can protect your families welfare

      A guide for all your personal insurance needs. An often overlooked area of the family finances is that of personal insurance. Although not a topic that fills people with excitement, it’s an incredibly important issue and deserves a genuine discussion within every household. Why? It’s one of those products that no one […]

Share Volatility is Measured by its Beta Number – A Great help Building your Investment Portfolio

Evaluating a potential share for inclusion into a portfolio can certainly be accomplished innumerable ways. From the highly advanced methods of a professional ‘quant’ fund manager, right down to using a dart as the main selection tool, every investor will have their preferred method. Most certainly though careful analysis of each equity is required to […]

Dollar Cost Averaging, it’s a very Smart Investment Strategy

        Severe share market downturns can certainly knock the wind from the sails of the most hardened investor. Most of us will view such events not as an opportunity, but rather as a pretty strong warning to get out and don’t come back! And rightly so, I say, having experienced many such […]

Why it is critical to understand the difference between Saving and Investing

There is a difference between saving and investing To be a successful long-term investor, it is very important to distinguish the difference between the concepts of investing versus that of savings. The most obvious outcome of this understanding is to make sure your funds will be allocated to the appropriate ‘vehicle’. What is Saving? Let’s […]

Risk and Return – the higher the return, the higher the risk

        Risk and return are what investing is all about. And the higher the risk, the higher the possible returns is a fundamental tenet when evaluating potential investment options. And I can assure you, this one simple phrase is invaluable to investors and should always be part of any analytical toolkit. So […]