some excellent resources to help your investing

One of the greatest contributions that the internet has given the world is the huge amount of readily available investment information.
And for any self-directed investor, this provides them a huge advantage allowing comprehensive research at any time, from anywhere.
So I thought I would assemble a list of the sites I like to browse. Some regularly others when required.
I will certainly keep adding to the list as I discover new sites and would certainly appreciate any suggestions from yourselves about any valuable investment sites you’ve come across.

Moneysmart – Australian Securities and Investment Commission  

This site has it all for the personal investor. From advice, discussion, calculators just about everything you would ever need. If I recall correctly I actually applied for a job here, didn’t get it obviously! Well worth a visit and browse.

The Perth Mint

Gold, gold, and more gold. These guys have everything you will ever want regarding bullion investments. Not only do they facilitate bullion sales, they have gold accounts, commemorative minting, special coins –  you name it they have it.

Pallion – gold dealers 

These guys trade as ABC Bullion they also do refining, metal storage, in fact, the whole box and dice as far as bullion. They can supply coins, ingots, specialty items. A very comprehensive precious metal company. 

Industry Super Funds

Everything you ever wanted to know about industry super funds all on one site. This also has some good calculators and tools, as well as a comparison app which is pretty useful.

Australian Stock Exchange

This is the site of the Australian Stock Exchange. Plenty to see here, with courses, lectures, information as well as all the usual business of a stock exchange. Quotes are available on all listed shares.

CNBC - Premarket data

I am always checking US futures throughout the day. Being in Australia, US markets open around midnight our time, so I like to watch for any significant movements on the futures, particularly if I am buying shares. 

As much as pundits deny we are in lock step with the US market, I think the opposite and if they have a large fall, expect the same on the ASX, and vice a versa.

Yahoo Finance

A pretty comprehensive page, with lots of good information, news stories, and market updates. I even put an icon on my toolbar for access.

Money Management 

This is a trade paper for Financial Planners. It has all the news regarding the industry, legislation changes, and executive appointments. Well worth a browse, particularly the reader's comments at the end of articles; they will at least prove that there are actually some genuine financial planners out there. I used to read this paper avidly with my cup of coffee, office door shut of course! 


This is the most comprehensive financial site around. I used to refer my students to this site when I was teaching at UWS. Has it all and particularly explanations and terminology. Go and have a look, there will be plenty of stuff you can use.

Guppy Traders

This is the home of Daryl Guppy who is the author of many books on share trading. I have read them all, have attended his seminars and even have his autograph. If you want to learn about trading, his books are the ones to read.

By the way, if you do buy a book, make sure you buy it through this site on Amazon - just click over to the recommended books page.

Net Pay Calculator 

This is a handy little calculator to work out your net pay in a simple manner. It is updated as tax rates change but always make sure before relying on the result. Absolutely perfect to get an accurate amount of net pay to enable you to do budgeting and saving planning.  I always sent my students to this calculator for their assignments.


European Central Bank

These are the guys looking after the EC. Some interesting articles, I must say it is not filled with a lot of light reading, certainly no good for a relaxing read in bed, but has some market information pertinent to Europe to help form  investment opinions

US Federal Reserve

This is the US version of the ECB. Again pretty heavy going but some serious economic updates and a pretty important player on the macroeconomic stage, so it's worth having the occasional browse to stay in tune, I do.

Reserve Bank of Australia

And here is Australia's central bank. Keep up to date on this site, as these guys can really move the Australian market. Also, there is some good easy to access economic indicators on here - particularly inflation rate and cash rate.

Bloomberg - Asia edition

Keep up to date with both news and business news. Bloomberg's were the originals when it came to business and still are one of the best.


More news and information. You can switch editions as well with this site so if you are domiciled in Africa for example, click the African edition on the menu.


This is the site of the rating agency Morningstar. There is some good analysis that can be helpful so it is worth checking on. In my financial planning days, the company I worked for had a subscription with these guys which was pretty handy on occasion.


This is a well-known name in financial circles and this site brings business forecasts and personal finance advice from across the entire media spectrum. There are lots of archives of relevant content. It does have some subscription-only stuff - but still worth a visit.

The Street

This is a  Wall Street-based financial website which has a mix of free and premium services for financial updates. The usual stuff helps to be up to date market trends but does have timely investment advice from guys like financial journalist  Jim Cramer.

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is probably more like a financial news aggregator that is packaged as a blog. It sifts through the top market blogs, money managers, financial experts, and investment newsletters to bring nearly 250 articles daily.

The site says that it’s the only free, online source for over 1,500 public companies’ quarterly earnings call transcripts, including the S&P 500. The site has an interesting section called Long & Short Ideas where you get tips on long-term stocks and those that are falling.

Investor Words

This financial website is not all about investment news, rather it's about knowledge. It's a financial glossary and has a database of 8000 terms that are constantly being updated. So if you want to know the meaning of an investment term, this is the site that will do it for you. In between, you can also catch up with other finance-related articles which are also worth the visit.


This is a very famous name in the finance world. Their site packs news on business, technology, stock markets, personal finance, and lifestyle with bytes of advice, tools, and investing tips. Lots of goodies to see.

Fat Cat Funds Report

This is a great site to see if your super fund is performing compared to what they are charging you. You just put in your current fund's details into their comparison calculator and the result produced is rated in terms of 'cats'. Fat Cat funds being the worst. Fancy that, packaging superannuation so that it is fun!

Mansion Global

A real estate site at the really top end of town. Listings of mansions from around the world. Even though they may be outside of your price range at the moment, you just never know.

Centrelink Payments and Services

This takes you straight to the Australia only site, for all Government payments and subsidies available through Centrelink.

New South Wales Consolidated Acts

For anyone needing information regarding legislation in the state of NSW Australia. A starting point for all executors of wills.

Currency Encyclopedia

For all the currency 'hounds' out there. This site has a lot about every currency. It shows some handy country information such as inflation rate etc. Does your conversions as well. 


Investor Tuition has a lot of readers from India, so this is especially for you guys. It covers all the major indices and information and I often refer to it. It is hard to ignore the contribution India is making to global financial markets.

Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry

For all you lovers of intrigue, deception, lies and immoral behaviors you just can't go past this commission. The big 4 Australian banks and various other smaller players within the financial landscape, are having their corporate and customer values exposed to be absolutely abhorrent.

There are some truly mind-blowing revelations within the witness testimonies of some very senior bank executives. Some absolutely shocking revelations that will change your thinking about banks, that's for sure. Make sure to check out the recorded webcasts.

I must say I have been absolutely glued to the webcasts.


I have absolutely no affiliation with this site whatsoever, however I have been asked about property valuations and how to go about them online. This was just one of many sites appearing as part of my search, so if that's what your looking for start here and move through the many other ones available.

Obviously a professionally written valuation should be attained when you start to get more serious about your purchase. And yes, that will come at a cost. Just search property valuers on google.

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