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The four most dangerous words for investors “This time it’s different”  Sir John Templeton

Now I must say this infographic was a bit on the tedious side to create. But it was also totally fascinating. The most profound lesson I learned was the number and regularity of similar major financial events occurring throughout history.

It is not until you really start to look into history do you suddenly realize that the more things change, the more they actually stay the same!

So if anyone tells you “this time it’s different” when referring to particular market conditions, show them this infographic, that will shut them up!

Financial infographic showing majoe historical market upheaval

How to build a good Credit Record

When I wrote the post on this I thought the major points fit really well into the infographic format. A reminder to ensure you maintain a good credit history.

The credit score is a reflection of your finances
Credit Scores

Keeping your personal information safe

We are in a new world now, with smart appliances and smarter thieves. Some tips to ensure you are one step ahead. Click on the infographic to check out the post.

Some simple ways to protect your personal information.
Some very simple yet effective ways to keep personal information, personal.


The steps for successful investment

Like everything, investing has a process to follow if you want to be successful. Here is that process. It certainly won’t guarantee your success. It will, however, allow you to review where and why it went wrong if you fail.  

The steps to creating successful investment

Here is an infographic showing reasons why you should visit an adviser

Ten money tips

In the post, I actually did eleven! Some good advice for those wanting to get their finances in order. Click on the infographic to get to see the extra one.

10 great tips to boost your personal finances

A graphic showing all the carats of gold #gold
Learn the lessons of investing from the experts