Investor Vocabulary

The finance world is made up of its very own unique language. Often, newer investor’s will run across words or phrases that literally make no sense at all. It is however very important for an investor to be up to speed on terminology as it is this secret language that will unlock some of the mysteries of successful investment.

So within Investor Vocabulary, I am endeavouring to create a cross-section of definitions that will help you get a reasonable handle on ‘finance-speak‘ in order to become more confident, and certainly more comfortable when discussing the topic.

It will be an ongoing process, and somewhat tedious, so keep checking back over time for new additions. At the very least use it as a resource to refer to when required. Oh, and by the way, if you run across a term or word that has you stumped feel free to drop me an email for an explanation.

And don’t forget, I also have a list of handy sites to visit here, as well as some recommended books to read to help you become successful with your investing.

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